Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Change & Opportunity

When you make any changes in your DME/HME company operation and it is successful, that move is usually permanent! Problems can happen when any change is made in haste without proper preparation. When it does not work out as anticipated, the opportunity is lost!

In the last few blogs we wrote about ROI, family caregivers, OTC cash sales, listening, e-mail and other normal day-to-day opportunities. This morning I received a phone call (877-553-5127) from a young lady who told me that this Medtrade in 
Las Vegas will be her first one. Her enthusiasm is high!

She wanted to know to whom she should visit while at the show? I told her to seek out the companies she currently buys from. Meet them and tell the about her operation (her company is less than a year old). Then I recommended that she look at all the vendors to see which other products fit into her operation.

She wanted to know if she could attend the lectures and seminars without having registered for each. I explained that these seminars are an integral part of Medtrade. Hearing that she told me now she would bring a staff person. She realized that could earn her a good ROI!

Sometimes you forget that there are many opportunities waiting for you on the showroom floor. Yes, Medtrade is also a great social event where you will meet many friends and peers.

At the exhibition everyone will have to have the ability to find new products and new services. All of these will enhance your business and increase your profits. Another major benefit at Medtrade is the ability to meet with the industry associations, buying groups and publications. There is nothing that compares with what you can get at Medtrade; new opportunities and great ideas for changes! Seek and ye shall find. I hope to see you all in Las Vegas!

If you haven't registered yet, there is still time! https://www.xpressreg.net/register/MEDS042/landing.asp?h=&sc=EREG6SIC

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