Friday, April 6, 2012

How are you helping your seniors?

I am aware that we have often spoken about “senior citizens”. They are the fastest growing segment of customers for DME/HME dealers. The so-called “baby boomers”, the generation created after WWII, are now becoming senior citizens.

I am a senior citizen, 85 years old, and I participate in as many senior programs as possible. I am not alone! The number of attendees at these programs is growing. Are you, a DME/HME provider, catering to this vast number of potential customers?

Here are a few suggestions that I have heard from my peers:

Seniors appreciate communication. They enjoy reading e-mails, but object to them being obvious commercials. They look forward to receiving helpful hints about living in their homes, not having to be in an institution. I spoke to a very active dealer at Medtrade who explained how his company developed a big following in his community.

They started a series called, “Living at Home.” This was sent to all of his clientele over 65 and their family caregivers. A message was e-mailed every two weeks. Each message dealt with simple things elderly could do at home. Topics ranged from working in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other rooms.

The messages covered everything from which type cutlery was appropriate as well as how to prevent tripping. It was amazing! I was told how every one of their employees offered good
suggestions. They were each asked to write one of these “Living at Home” messages. How this changed their operation is so interesting. Nearly all of the seniors shared these messages with their friends and so the mailing list of recipients grew, as did the number of customers who shopped at their location.

At Medtrade you will find so many products that you can use in your program and you, too, can reap a fine ROI from the senior citizen clientele you service!

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