Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On the Exhibit Floor-Medtrade Spring 2012

Now I know how it feels to be a kid in the candy store? When I entered the exhibition floor at today’s Medtrade Spring there were so many exciting things jumping out to me that it was hard to know where to begin. Like all the attendees I felt a great deal of emotion, exaltation, excitement and inspiration! But mostly what I saw staring everyone in the face was OPPORTUNITY!

Every DME/HME dealer that I spoke to as I meandered on the floor was very aware of the need for OTC cash sales. They were there! There were many new opportunities, new promotional material and new ideas for how to bring customers into your showroom.

I reviewed the list of seminars offered and wished I could attend each of them. The size of the audience I saw in the lecture rooms indicated that my feelings were not unique. Dealers and providers came to learn and they found much of what they sought available at Medtrade. It was like attending a major university and earning a new degree!

The Annual AA Homecare “STAND UP FOR HOMECARE FUNDRAISER RECEPTION,” always held the opening evening at the Medtrade exhibitions was fantastic. The camaraderie, friendship and concern of the attendees was reassuring. All of the shakers and leaders of our industry were sharing ideas and thoughts with one another. As anticipated we heard so many excellent ideas and thoughts for the future. Just attending this reception is one of the keys to the success of Medtrade Spring.

I hope that all of you feel the same as I do. Without Medtrade we would not have the major resource that both protects and helps us expand our local operations. Please be sure before you return home that you have not missed anything that can benefit your operation. Of course, please thank the exhibitors, the state and national associations, the publications, buying groups and everyone else who has made this possible.


  1. Hi Shelly,
    As I read this article today, I thought about the message you bring.

    Hopefully, everyone that reads your column is already aware of these clinics inside a chain store pharmacy. The question is, 'what's next to be added to their mix?'

    It reminds me of one of our businesses that was known for adding so many new categories to the offering. Our reason for doing so was very simple. We got tired of telling people where they could find these other products and services. We would rather have the money in our pocket as compared to the referral coming from our mouth!

    The key is to look at the show from the perspective of 'who' you sell to and the additions you could sell to them. If a business concentrates on 'what they sell', I believe they are headed for extinction when enough other businesses add those items, and services, to their offering.

  2. I'm always looking for the latest in the sleep market to grow my business. Medtrade only had one or two great new product offers that I could see this year. I liked the look of the Comfortgel Blue by Phillips and Devilbiss had a new pillow mask with a some slide action going on for adjusting called Aloha that was drawing my attention. Other than that, same stuff and the show is getting smaller and smaller.


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