Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I learned at Medtrade...

When speaking with a great number of DME/HME attendees on the exhibition floor at Medtrade, I heard one major complaint repeated over and over: “What can I do to influence our legislators?”

There is no question that our industry is doing a fabulous job representing you in Washington as well as in the state capitals. They each provide the tools, information and handouts necessary to influence to the legislators. They also ask to get your customers, family caregivers and employees similarly involved. These combined voices are heard and you can see positive results in both the state capitals and DC.

But the biggest difficulty is there are not sufficient funds available to do even better! If every DME/HME dealer was a dues paying member of both their state and a national association we could really become much more effective. I was appalled when I discovered the low percentage of members who currently belong to their state DME association was much less than I anticipated. To exist in such a confusing market and to protect your business then membership in these associations must be closer to 100%.

Why is this the situation? Certainly the costs of becoming a member are minimal. Your accountant will show you this is a most important part of your operating costs. Membership in the associations are a critical element for running an efficient and successful business. There are no longer any legitimate excuses for not joining. Every dealer must pay rent or close their doors and equally important you must pay dues to these associations to protect your investment. This is what I learned at Medtrade!

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