Sunday, April 8, 2012


Just think, as you are reading this, the doors to Medtrade Spring 2012 in Las Vegas are opening. If for any reason you are not at Medtrade now, you can still attend. Entrance is available to all; come and be part of the excitement!

As usual, there are so many opportunities, people to see, exhibitors to visit and meetings and seminars that must be attended. The days are not long enough to get to everything and yet most participants somehow manage to do that. Even at my advanced age, I am able to make the rounds efficiently. The exhibit floor is designed to give you that opportunity. I want to see as many friends, associates and attend as many meetings and seminars as I possibly can. I am able to accomplish that and so can you!

If you bring with you enough of your team, be sure that every class offered that is applicable to your company’s operation is attended. Key vendors and new products must all be visited. There are the special “Spring Conference Sessions” offered several times daily, so include them in your itinerary. Of course, there is the Annual Homecare “Stand Up for Homecare” to support. Do not miss the Washington Update. Make sure you stop by the state associations, the buying groups (VGM/MED), AAHomecare and NAIMES and please tell them “thank you” for the great support they give you and our industry.

Be sure you get copies of all the industry publications and if you are not subscribing to some, just give them your name. When you see me roaming around, please say “hello.”

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