Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stand Up for Homecare Spring 2012!

It is now a recognized reception at a Medtrade Exhibition. The first evening, under the sponsorship of AAHomecare, their major fundraiser, is this gathering.

To my pleasant surprise more than 200 people attended. They represented every segment of the industry; dealers, providers, exhibitors, state associations and publications. The room was filled to capacity. I am sure that I participated in every one over the years, but this one in Las Vegas was something different and exciting, so many new faces!

Another generation, a new and active one, and they are becoming the doers and the movers for the future of DME/HME. This is fantastic! The current leaders are teaching them the ropes and are their tutors. This augurs well for our profession. Knowing this as I fade out in the next year or two, I am aware that our profession will continue to flourish.

Hearing Joel Marx and Tyler Wilson’s clarion calls for the future was well received. As a profession DME/HME will continue to grow.  But I must say, “thank you” to all from both Thelma and me. Your kind words are appreciated.

In our previous blog “What I Learned in LV,” I wrote about the importance of belonging to your state DME associations. All of this applies and is equally important for the national associations. I have always supported AA Homecare, going back all the way to the time Tom Antone was President. Every dealer and provider now must show his support. With your company’s interest at heart, they will be able to continue as the voice of DME/HME in DC.

If you are not currently a member of a national association, please do so STAT, There is too much at stake not to join, it is your livelihood! I Stood up for Homecare, now it is your turn!


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