Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 2-Medtrade Spring 2012

I thought we had a great deal of excitement yesterday, but today was even better and there is much more that I can share with you. I am one of the few who have been able to attend each Medtrade exhibition from its birth. It has changed dramatically, same as has our industry.
You can in no way compare the first two “shows” in Atlanta, first in the Congress Center and then in the basement of an old Marriott Hotel, with what you see now at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. What we must all recognize is that Medtrade has the ability to change with the times.
In the beginning these meetings were a great place for vendors to show their wares and dealers to make some excellent deals. This is still an integral part of Medtrade, but slowly the importance of speakers grew to where now there are not many rooms still procurable. The seminars have become magnets! The first one I attended, many years ago, was with about a dozen associates. Today, many of the seminars are usually SRO (standing room only). The faculty who are presenting today at Medtrade is without a doubt the finest of the industry!
This year there was much to learn at the Washington Update. Our industry is blessed by the quality of publications available, but seated with peers and listening and then being able to discuss current events is unavailable anywhere else. This year dealers were concerned with their ability to respond to the new legislations, competitive bids and reducing reimbursements. They found experts with answers and ideas at Medtrade.
A walk through the New Product Pavilion and the Retail Design Center opened better opportunities and methods to expand sales and increase profits. Isn’t that why you came to Medtrade?
I can go on about this, but I have to leave much to the industry magazines. They do a much more complete job than I can in a blog. All I have to say today to those few who did not find the time to come to Las Vegas is to please start preparing now for the fall Medtrade in Atlanta.

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