Monday, January 7, 2013



Please respond to this message ASAP.

We failed in our efforts to bring a new bill to Congress, which would have been the replacement legislation to the “Competitive Bid” we work under daily.

There was a new Congress sworn in last week (1/3/13) and the chairmen of the various committees may be changed so we must get new legislation on the floor offered STAT. To protect our business and our customers, please start at once to contact every Representative, new or re-elected, particularly those who indicated their support to MPP.  Ask them to re-introduce HR6490.

Please contact your Representative if he or she had agreed to support MPP. Ask them to restart their efforts behalf of your clientele and of course, you. The sooner you speak up, the more promptly the needed new legislation will come.  Ask your state and national association for the literature they have prepared and use it to help bring this legislation back

PLEASE DO THIS AT ONCE.  The industry came very close to getting HR6490 out of committee, but the holidays came and all our good work came to naught. Need I say more?

If you can provide any information about any harm or damage resulting from the “Competitive Bid” in your community, please send that to me or to your state and national association. I read, see and hear the same difficulties the beneficiaries have suffered. However when I receive the local problems you and your customers have experienced, these can used to our advantage.

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