Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Thoughts

The last few hours of 2012 and then Tuesday, January 1, were the most hectic days I can ever recall. “Is the country falling off a cliff?” “Will the United States remain solvent in 2013 or will we go broke?” “Can we pay the national debt, can we raise taxes, etc, etc.?” So much shouting, passing the buck, and our Congressmen forgetting they have to support every one of their citizens.

Over the holidays, I read the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Orlando Sentinel, and the Florida Today. Publications with four different dogmas and it certainly made for fascinating reading.  As I read each point of view, I found they all were correct. That is how I saw them! After carefully studying each “opinion” I came to the following conclusion:  We, all of us, the rank and file voters are at fault!

It appears that we never expressed to our elected politicians the fact that they represent every American citizen, whether they voted for or against their election. 

I look back to the many years that I have been involved with our industry.  I think of the many conferences I attended where I heard program proposals that were so different and unusual. After discussions and sharing of ideas a conclusion was usually reached. I always found the goal was to the benefit of everyone.

I always look forward to the Medtrade Exhibitions. I try to sit in on as many discussions, as many meetings and as many lectures that I can attend. I listen to all the diverse ideas and points of view. I am impressed when I hear so many different opinions.

Yes, that is a key benefit to attending Medtrade.  

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