Friday, January 11, 2013


I am always pleased when I hear from one of our readers. It is difficult to describe the comfortable feeling it gives me when you ask me for information and share ideas (321-25-3885 or So many good programs and projects that were successful have been described and the results were all positive.

In the previous blog I suggested that you offer to write and submit articles to your local newspaper. The editor will always listen because this is a local publication and you are a local businessman. The editor realizes many of their readers will know you. This is why I say to be sure you are very careful not to write things which might appear as an advertisement. However you should also run an advertisement regularly in the local newspaper. I have done that and the ROI was very good.

Request that your ad be placed in an upper corner of the obituary page. Schedule your ad to run for a 13-week period and for only one product. When I did this one of the ads we ran was for a ride stair unit. The manufacturer provided the ad and we had a nice success.

The articles we submitted were prepared with a great deal of co-operation from my vendors. They all understand and they will help you structure your article as a way to improve the safety and comfort at home.

The message I want to deliver is that a means of growing and expanding your business is accomplished by earning recognition. Let your community know that you are very concerned about them. Be active, join Rotary or join Kiwanis, become a partner in your community and show your face. 

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