Wednesday, June 4, 2014

School is Out

WOW! School is out and so the next few months should be filled with new ideas and means to attain all your goals. 
There must always be a holiday taken, one where you and your family can relax and enjoy yourselves. I know that for the past 64 years, both Thelma and I always found the time and place to do just that - relax! But we also did a little bit extra while on holiday; while away from the office, we were able to quietly review what we did and where we wanted to go next.
We found that this was accomplished without any pressure. It proved to be a great opportunity to discuss and plan for the balance of the year.
The first thing we constantly discussed was the pending Medtrade Exhibition and Conference in Atlanta. These have become very special, extremely important, and comprehensive! I sincerely believe that every DME/HME provider must attend. There is nothing else that offers so much!
Shelly and Thelma at Medtrade Spring, 2014
There is no other place where you will chat with your peers, speak to the exhibitors, see the AAHomecare team, the state associations, the seminars, the buying groups, and meet the publishers of the industry magazines. There never was enough time for me to go to all of these. Thelma and the "key employee” who came with us attended so many which provided new ideas, new techniques, and new ways to increase sales and profits. It was our university!
Which of our employees have earned the privilege of attending with us? We could not take them all (somebody had to run the business), but they shared everything with one another. Over the years, the ROI we received when one or two of our key personnel came with us was very large and is a superb investment.
So even when school is out and you are on holiday, remember all this comes from the hard work at your operation! When school is out is your opportunity to enjoy with your family a holiday. Think about how hard you worked to get there and then what you will do to make things even better.

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