Friday, June 20, 2014

HME Audit Key

AAHomecare has launched a new program, which they call the “HME AUDIT KEY”. They are following the lead of the American Hospital Association (AHA). It is in place as a RACTRAC survey tool.

In these first two weeks, the AAHomecare Executive Committee and Board of Directors, along with VGM and MED, have already collected $43,500. AAH has contacted Provider Consulting Systems, the one AHA has signed on with.

Try to imagine how an audit by CMS would affect your company. There are so many ways that CMS (Medicare) is seeking to reduce fraud and abuse and save them many dollars. Fraudulent billing is committed by dishonest companies, organized by thieves who stay active until caught and then they disappear. The problem is that all the hard working companies, run by honest, diligent families and their employees are the ones who get hurt.

How would you, an independent DME dealer, respond to an audit?
Tom Ryan, president and CEO of AAHomecare
The time necessary and the cost to fight this alone would be prohibitive. All the pro-bono services your clientele has come to expect no longer means anything! What would this prove? How will you face your employees, their families and all your customers and tell them you are forced to close your doors? This will not happen if and when you become involved. Your support and complete cooperation with AAH will help you maintain your company. Don’t wait until it is too late!

We can no longer sit and watch. We have to back up AAHomecare by becoming a dues paying members now! If you wait too long, you may find your company forced to close.

We do not have any time to respond, this is already happening! We have to follow the lead that AAHomecare has set in place. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE, EVERY DME/HME DEALER MUST SUPPORT AAHomecare. THEY MUST RAISE $250,000 STAT! YOU MUST SUPPORT THEM SO AS NOT TO FACE SOME VERY DIRE CONSEQUENCES.

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