Monday, June 30, 2014

October 20-23

Shelly with Kevin Gaffney, group show director, Medtrade
These are probably the three most important days of the year for DME/HME providers. If you have been reading my blogs, you know how concerned I am about “tomorrow”. Today, I received an answer from a dealer in the heart of the country. He told me that his company belongs to AAHomecare and is very active with his state association.

He said: “Shelly, I met you in Atlanta a few years ago and have been enjoying your blogs. I appreciate your concern about the pending changes in legislation and the need to get the bill HR 4920 passed. I want to you to understand that my company and those of my peers have already melded into a “team,” as you suggest. Best of all is your idea to build teams to work with the associations. We have done that! Thank you.” He promised he would see me this October in Atlanta at Medtrade.

I can hardly wait. I know the exhibition will be here sooner than expect. There is much good news about this year’s show; it seems that 95% of the exhibition hall has already been reserved. That is great!

AAHomecare, VGM, MED, the state associations, and the multitude of services we require will ALL be there. Everyone I have spoken with told me they are bringing new ideas and programs. Every attendee, vendor, exhibitor, and publication understands what might happen if we do not all work together with AAHomecare and your state association. The list of speakers and lectures is as good as any University could gather.

Please sign on now and bring with you as many key employees as possible. Medtrade, this October, will not be a holiday. The reality is that Medtrade Fall is the most important opportunity for your company’s future.

Be sure to say “Hello, Shelly!" when you see me walking the floor. In the spring show in March, I lost track of how many people I saw and I want to do that again. After all, this cantankerous old curmudgeon is in his 88th year! I need those hugs and handshakes!

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