Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Attract Customers

Shelly and his lovely wife, Thelma,
at Medtrade
Bed-pans, urinals, and fracture pans, when offered at a special price for a limited time only, will prove to be a fantastic magnet to attract customers into your showroom. No one ever purchases some of these items except when one is required.

Here is how we worked this promotion with many DME/HME dealers and without exception, they all had success:

Purchase a few cases each of bedpans and urinals. In the past, we found that about 100 to 125 each of the bedpans and urinals and then 50 or 60 fracture pans will sell out in a few days. If you are in a high trafficked location, you can order a few more. Be sure to order them loose (bulk), not boxed or packaged. Completely empty a main display in the showroom and stack these up as high as you can.

Add large price-marked signs, a big one in the window, and signs on the displays. This sale is for five (5) days only (Tuesday through Saturday). Price mark each about double your cost. You can mark them a dollar or so higher if you negotiated a decent price from the vendor. Every customer who sees this, and the low price offered, will stop, look, think, and usually make a purchase. We found that each sale was generally one of each!

When I had my company, we did this annually in September. I don’t know why we chose that date, but we always sold out nearly every unit. The success of this type of promotion is that you are offering something everyone recognizes, especially senior citizens and family caregivers.

One of the special things you will discover this Fall in Atlanta at Medtrade will be many new ways to build more OTC cash sales. I always speak with many vendors when I go - Be sure you see them all! I will be there and I hope to meet some of our readers there.

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