Friday, June 13, 2014

Coming Event

It is just a few months before the Fall 2014 Medtrade Exposition opens the gates in Atlanta! More than 93% of the exhibitors have already signed on. Many of the vendors who had previously either downsized or neglected to attend are now signing on.

This year, attendees will be able to meet with many new vendors, discover many different opportunities, and attend interesting seminars! Make your reservations now, get your motel rooms at a better price, and negotiate. See how many members of your staff you can bring with you. This is a great investment, which has for you a large ROI!
This Medtrade will be the beginning of a new and better opportunity than we have experienced in many years.

Why? This is happening because suddenly our congressmen and CMS have finally recognized how valuable DME/HME providers are to the general public. The voices of the beneficiaries are now being heard loud and clear. Your company has to get on the bandwagon ASAP! Don’t procrastinate; start planning now before time runs out.

Tom Ryan and AAHomecare have been at the forefront leading the industry. The state associations are finding more and more time to communicate with their elected Senators and Representatives. Our industry has a magic wand, and is finally using it! We work with our customers, patients, and family caregivers, all of whom vote! They are the reason why our voice is being heard.

I have heard from many dealers who are greatly concerned with how their volume and profits have slowed down, and they now realize that they have been at fault. Their lack of “joining” has been the heart of the problem. But as an industry, we are in a position to make the growth necessary to attain all our goals in the balance of 2014. We can celebrate all this hard work and efforts at Medtrade Fall in Atlanta, October 20-23,

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