Wednesday, June 18, 2014


For nearly 65 years, I have been listening to success stories from DME/HME dealers. Actually every dealer is a success, and when their company continues to grow, they are successful. Too often, many remain where they are and run very nice professional operations, status quo. But I look back I see there are still many who are working very hard just to remain a “success”.

These dealers can grow and really become “successful”. Yes, they currently are making a “living”. They all employ a few staff members and are satisfied with what they are doing.

But I enjoy working with those dealers who are truly SUCCESSFUL. These are the dealers constantly doing everything possible to maintain and develop more sales. They do more than just wait for a customer to come in! They actively invite the community to shop at their location.

Their staff is calling on referral sources and selling supplies to other business people. They are the first to bring new products to the market. These dealers belong to the Chamber of Commerce, are active in Rotary and other civic associations.

The key to them remaining successful and constantly expanding is that they do not stand alone! With so many things constantly happening in Congress, with reimbursements and legislations being proposed that could be fatal, they do protective things. Every dealer must work together!

They belong to AAHomecare and their state DME associations. They read and study the industry publications. They are the first to attend the Medtrade Exhibitions, where answers are found, new opportunities are presented, and the state associations and AAHomecare will help you resolve problems. At Medtrade is where the best classes and seminars are waiting for you. At Medtrade in Atlanta (October 20-23) you will meet many very SUCCESSFUL dealers.

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