Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Build a Team

This is something every DME/HME dealer should do, and is something every DME/HME dealer can do. It is to build a team!

What is a team?
A team is “a group of people working together in a coordinated effort”. Every organization, such as a Rotary Club or the American Association for Homecare, started in that fashion. Paul Harris founded Rotary in Chicago with a few local business people who enjoyed having their lunches together. Look at what they have accomplished! AAHomecare began when a “team” recognized it was needed!

I am happy to say that in our industry, DME/HME, building teams has already begun. Half a dozen local DME dealers where I live gathered together and arranged to meet their Congressman, Bill Posey. I was flattered when they invited me to attend the first meeting. They were able to show him many of the problems with which they have to contend. These affected every one of the electorate in his District. Congressman Posey assigned members of his staff to work with this “team,” and their relationship is excellent! At the last year’s Medtrade, two members of his staff attended. I know we can do this throughout the United States.

I have been told that this Florida team is not unique. We have many similar “teams” throughout the country. We are under great pressure to get things done STAT!

Stop and call another dealer you know. The pressure that's currently on everyone’s back will force hundreds of dealers to close their doors.

AAHomecare is leading the battle. But they cannot do this alone. They are now in the process of raising sufficient money to keep your company solvent. Unless AAH can obtain the necessary funds, you and so many providers will be forced to close.

If you are not currently a member of AAHomecare and your state association, you should join now! When every dealer understands what is happening, and puts “their money where their mouth is”, they will save our industry!

There will be no tomorrow if you do not. Every penny counts!

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