Monday, November 3, 2014

Get on Board

The principal of a DME/HME company must be able to grow together with their company. It is important to recognize that our industry has changed from when you first opened to where it is today; you also must make adjustments!

AAHomecare and each state DME association are working diligently on your behalf. They are doing their very best to get the pending legislations out to the floor of Congress where they can be voted on and passed. The problem is that we have been unable to get the support of a sufficient number of legislators to accomplish this.

For the last few years, as an industry we tried to get these bills voted on and now we are obliged to start once again. Why are we unable to succeed and get Congress to get these pending legislations passed, such as H.R. 4920? There are too few DME/HME dealers involved!

It is estimated there are about 14,000 DME/HME companies in the United States. Then I see how few are dues-paying members of the associations who can get these things done. It is less than 10% who join; all the rest are “Freddy, the free loaders.” More dealers need to cooperate.

I know that I am preaching to the choir for the most part. But as I have asked over and over, I need you all to participate. If you are a member, then call your competitor and your friends and try to get them to belong!

The necessary funds to bring about the changes in legislation we require come from the dues paid. The more dealers and providers who get on board, the more effective they will become. Together we will save our industry and prevent any more dealers from closing their doors.

The industry, DME/HME, has a wonderful future; there are more senior citizens than ever. Those who are sick and ailing want to stay at home. They are your market - Protect it! Get on the phone, make calls to the congressmen and to your associates, and if you are not a dues-paying member of these associations, become one.

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