Thursday, January 8, 2015

Basic Marketing: Sales Training

I have sent blogs about education (Education - Part 1, and Part 2). The next step is to show your people how to become a salesperson as well. Would you go hunting without bullets for your rifle? Of course not! Yet, how often do you send out your sales team without sufficient ammunition?

The company principal (you) executes the bulk of the education of the sales force. Call the manufacturer when you need backup. They are eager to have their sales rep involved in training. Anything they can do to increase your sales will also benefit them!

A sales person will get his foot in the door more readily by creating interest through the innovative products he presents. Photos are acceptable, but the “real thing” gets the customer involved. Clients appreciate something they can physically touch and inspect.
Show only one product when calling on a customer. Too many items confuse the client and occupy too much of their valuable time. Showing only one product will leave a positive lasting impression.

Send your rep with a new updraft nebulizer or a concentrator, Choose products with which the prospect is familiar, but needs to be apprised of current market changes. The idea is to reach the referral source or “decision maker”. Then, talk about the company.
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