Monday, January 26, 2015


In just about every community, there is a branch of the VNA (Visiting Nurse Association). The nurses who are affiliated should all be your friends. They travel throughout the community, and the service they provide is superb.

One of the DME/HME providers I know shared with me how he was able to make several dozen friends in the VNA. It is a simple means and it does two things: It creates new sales, and generates goodwill.

What he did was obtain a nurse’s over-the-shoulder leather bag. He filled it with an otoscope, an ophthalmoscope, a sphyg, a stethoscope, Taylor and Buck hammers, different size bandage scissors, forceps, a flashlight, thermometers, nail nippers, and so forth. He worked with his vendors and received a variety of product literature to include in the bag. The cooperation and ideas these vendors provided helped him make this bag into a salesman!

He prepared a schedule comparing the price he offered the VNA nurses to the manufacturer’s list price. He then made the rounds of the VNA associations within a close radius to his office.
Upon making these appointments, he left the bag with the office secretary (who agreed to be responsible and monitor the bag) and sufficient order forms. He returned at the end of a week and picked up orders from more than seventy-five percent of the staff, each with a check attached. These orders were all personally delivered.

His only competition for these sales came from “mail-order” companies. He now had a great number of new friends who often stopped by to say “hello” and usually bought something. This dealer made it a point NEVER to ask them to make referrals to their patients, but somehow they always did.

You can do the same with EMT squads, police, and fire departments. At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas (March 30 - April 1, 2015), at Mandalay Bay Convention Center, you will be able to find many specialty items that will produce more sales and profits.
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