Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pending Legislation

Pending legislation does not count! But when we work hard and change “pending” legislation to “passed” legislation, then we will assure ourselves of a better future.

There are two bills pending (once again this word), one in the House of Representatives and the other in the Senate. They MUST be passed. To accommodate this, there has to be a great deal of effort by every dealer.
Your employees, your customers and their family caregivers, should be invited to work with you. They have as much at stake as you do! This is necessary so that we will not see anyone being forced to close their doors!

AAHomecare is leading the effort. Tom Ryan and his team, joined by VGM, are an the forefront. The state DME associations are all on board, and now I ask that every single dealer and provider join in this effort. It is early in the year, and if we all work together to give a 100% effort, we will succeed.

H.R. 284 and S.148 must be passed!

I do not have to repeat the details of these bills. We have all been receiving the same messages from AAHomecare, the state associations, and VGM. Join the team so that they will be passed STAT!

Simply stated, "WE MUST REFORM THE MEDICARE COMPETITIVE PRICING PROGRAM." We must not fail in this effort! I am afraid of the consequences if we do.

You all have a telephone; you all can send an e-mail, and both you and your clientele must get the congressmen to vote! AAHomecare, VGM, and your state DME association will provide you with all the information necessary.

Tom Ryan (AAHomecare), John Gallagher (VGM) and many others have been working about 24 hours a day. So must you! It is vital that your voice is heard and the necessary support is shown to them. This will work, and we will succeed!

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