Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Education - Part 2

Seminars and lectures are offered at every Medtrade Exposition as well as by the state DME associations and AAHomecare. There are also classes offered by HMENews and Homecare Magazine. When your company attends as a group, assign specific seminars to each. Compare notes and share your experience.

Your team members should also take advantage of the training classes offered by your preferred vendors. Usually the only cost you will have is transportation. Over the years, these have proven to be excellent and the company earns a good ROI.

Manufacturer reps welcome the opportunity to meet with your employees and they will always give a superb in-house training session. If some of your sales people cover a large territory, hold a breakfast or lunch meeting or a late afternoon session, which can be quite effective.

The best instrument to educate your staff is the most often overlooked, and yet the closest at hand. It is YOU! Share the knowledge you have accumulated through years of experience; take them into your confidence and watch the response.

Having an educated staff is a surefire element for company prosperity.
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