Wednesday, January 14, 2015


There are many places to find opportunities for additional sales as you begin this New Year. In today’s message I will remind you of a few sources which you have and should exploit for larger and more profitable sales:

1. Your Local Chamber of Commerce: A good dealer in the Midwest told me about what he calls “a hidden resource for business”! Since he opened his company, some 20 years ago, he has always been active in the Chamber of Commerce. He said that he was elected President twice! Guess how many members use his DME/HME for all their supplies? They all do! He made it a point to tell me that members were never solicited at a chamber meeting, but when his outside sales people made calls, they were well received.

2. Promote Compliance with the ADA: Another active dealer in upstate New York has prepared a sales program for his outside team explaining some of the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Any place where people congregate has to know what is required. These all can lead to many new sales, as well as making your company recognized as being so professional. This is a very subtle approach, but it is most effective. Click Here to view the full text of the ADA.

3. Nurture Relationships with Nursing Homes and Hospitals: Of course I have always spoken about offering supplies to both nursing homes and hospitals. The purchasing agents love knowing they can pick up the phone and get needed supplies that afternoon or in the morning. Thy also appreciate that they can order how much they need and not have to purchase by the case.

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