Monday, January 12, 2015

Saying "Thank You"

“God taught us about unlimited love! His love is so great, there is never any shortage.”

I recently received a message from a very dear friend. He is going through some very trying times right now. But, despite all of the really severe problems he has to resolve, he has never lost track of who he is, what he has, and what the future holds for him. I opened this blog with his words.

We are just beginning a New Year. It is the time that you should dismiss any of the past and make specific plans for the future. No matter what has happened yesterday, it should stay there because the time has come to reach for new heights.

Study carefully each of your employees, and when you do that, you should be able to realize how vital they have been for your success. Make the time to sit down with each privately and review the last year, and then together plan what can be done to increase sales and profits. Put an apple on a stick and when they have accomplished what you both decide, award them with a pay raise!

All the many years that I ran different companies, invariably my staff knew their responsibilities and contributed so much to the operation! You have a team; recognize each as the valuable and important person they are!
One of the awards that I gave to deserving members of my team was a trip to the Medtrade Exhibitions.

Always say, “Thank you.”
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