Friday, January 2, 2015

Education - Part 1

Staff productivity increases relative to specific education. Employees who attend a class, school, or training develop an “esprit de corps”. This attitude becomes contagious and encourages a more positive work element for your employees.
Acknowledging that education is an integral part of your business, each employer must address:
  • Should I pay for college courses?
  • Should I send members of my staff to manufacturers’ training courses?
  • Should I hold in-house training sessions?
The answer to each of the above questions is an emphatic YES!
Chances are, your outside sales force consists of professionals who have some medical background. Their professional accomplishments immediately give them credibility; however, their marketing skills may have need of some improvement. Enroll these individuals in marketing or sales courses offered at local colleges and universities.
These classes can be attended as non-matriculate; or if the employee prefers to accumulate credits, encourage them to work towards a degree.

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