Friday, January 16, 2015

Your Delivery Service

Delivery personnel are a reflection of the company they represent! They must be trained in the manner you expect them to perform.
From the very moment your delivery person leaves your premises, they become your personal representative to the public. All interaction with the customer must be conducted in a polite, clear and concise manner.

When making deliveries, they can also be a salesperson for your company. Without overstepping the bounds of their assignment, they can discreetly recommend the use of other equipment that can be advantageous to your customer such as a commode, a walking aid, or some bathroom assist devices. The “inside” ability to offer these ancillary items can mean bonus sales that would otherwise be overlooked.

Are your delivery personnel properly attired? Uniforms are an important option. Although the initial investment may seem high, the benefits will more than offset the cost. A uniform imparts the air of importance for your delivery person, which is reflected in their attitude. They also assure you a favorable first impression upon the customer.

Assist your delivery person by preparing a checklist to offer to the caretakers or the patients when making an installment. They should cover such items as raised toilet seats, commodes, trapezes, over-bed tables, etc. This is another means for additional sales and goodwill. It demonstrates your staff’s efficiency and caring.

One word of caution: If your delivery personnel earn a commission, you must be sure they are not overly aggressive in their efforts to earn that bonus, thereby diminishing the good will of your company. Therefore, establish strict parameters, which will maintain both an incentive for them and increase in sales for you.

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