Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get a Fresh Start at Medtrade

Yesterday is history! It is already tomorrow. Yes, tempus fugit. So what I am suggesting is to do the following now, there is no longer any time to wait: You must make a “fresh start.” Before you begin, please think about all of the successful projects you did while also considering those which were not as effective as you hoped they would be.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is threatened by CMS and Congress. Understand that they require sufficient capital to fulfill all the demands they face. Team up with your allies to fight this, the state DME/HME and national associations! With your support they will help bring about changes.

Next, carefully review the programs which worked, and those that did not. Expand the successful ones and repeat them as often as practical. As for the others which did not provide the needed return, study what you did and make the changes needed to make them work.

Your staff’s role is to keep the company profitable and growing. Their help is invaluable when making these key decisions. I have spoken to dealers in many parts of the United States and invariably am told how much information is sitting with your teams.

Now, it is time to plan to participate in the most important show ever, the Medtrade Expo. Despite these trying times there will be more than 600 companies to visit. These exhibitors are coming armed with new ideas, new programs and new products.

Yes, there are additional benefits. You will find available more than 120 conferences, lectures and workshops covering many topics. They will describe many new opportunities to help you continue on the road to success. You will be able to speak with the state associations, the national associations, visit the buying groups and make plans for the future.

Register now for a fresh start at Medtrade 2011, which takes place October 24-27, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. THE ROI WILL BE WORTH IT!

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