Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Good Attitude

When I speak with HME providers or vendors, it is often about what can done to flourish during these trying times. To my very pleasant surprise it looks like everyone anticipates things turning around rather quickly. So do I!

Doom and gloom are slowly drifting away and being replaced by enthusiasm. This is what we need. Good attitude and the willingness to put extra effort daily.

Several state associations have already held their annual meetings. A few more are pending and one thing I hear seems to be true. The providers who participate are the ones whose companies will always grow, who will continue to be successful and who always work hard for the profession. They are the providers who have a good attitude.

My concern is for the others. These are the providers who feel that paying membership dues to belong to their state association or to AAHomecare is not a necessity. They feel like it is an unneeded expense. How wrong they are. Their accountants will prove to them that this cost is part of a normal business operation expense.

As a “Good Will Ambassador” for Medtrade, I want to meet each state director and see what we can do to be of help. If you will be holding a meeting during Medtrade perhaps I can to stop by and say hello to your members.

When I began these blogs I asked that they be distributed to the members of each state DME association. My request to all current members was simply please invite the dealers and providers you know to join the association to work together for every dealer to succeed. I hope there was some success!

I look forward to Medtrade in October. I look forward with a great deal of excitement to see many friends, make new ones and share in the excitement. I want to see exhibitors and providers teaming together to find new opportunities.

I would like to see you and all association members be there with a good attitude. Amen!

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