Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remembering David T. Williams

Last month our industry lost a giant. A gentleman who did so much for every HME provider passed away. Alfred, Lord Tennyson once described death as: “God’s finger touched him, and he slept.” David T. Williams, only 62 years old, died at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio July 6, another victim of Multiple Sclerosis.

I count as one of my blessings that I knew David at least 35 years. It is so difficult to report so many things in which he left his mark. I know that many of you will also remember David and his contributions. For more than a dozen years David was the director of government relations for Invacare.

Some years back, David described his experiences in a most encouraging biography he titled: “Battling the Beast Within – Success in Living with Adversity.” This should be read by anyone fighting a debilitating disease. In his words, they will discover that one does not ever have to give up. There are many reasons to fight and still maintain a level head.

David worked for every HME dealer. He worked for every one of your patients and their family caregivers as well. David competed in wheelchair games and races of many types. He coached a team for the National Junior Games and they established a record as seven-year winners.

I had the privilege of traveling with David at AAHomecare fly-ins. He was more than a lobbyist. Senators and representatives heard and understood what he asked. They listened to him and promised to react positively.

I doubt that we will ever see another giant like David T. Williams. He will always be remembered. What he brought to and did for DME/HME will always be felt. Thank you David.

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