Friday, August 19, 2011

Sharing Information, Working Together

One of the benefits I receive from some readers are the articles of interest they send me to read. HME providers are not alone as we all wonder if cutting funds for Medicare will help solve our problems. There is no doubt that with the rate dollars are being siphoned out of the system they will soon be gone!

An associate sent me a copy of a guest column that appeared in the Taunton Daily Gazette. The author, Diane DiGiorgi, opened her column with a very simple statement: “Most seniors would prefer to live at home rather than in a nursing facility.” She did an excellent job in explaining some of the benefits and some of the problems with the Medicare system, including personal care, housekeeping, meals, necessary medical equipment and so forth.

Last month I received a copy of an article in MedPage Today by Emily Walker. She pointed out there had to be improvements for better home care, stating that “not everyone is suited to provide home care.” I am aware that a family caregiver when trained by a professional can accomplish a great deal!

As an active participant in providing supplies, prescriptions and service to home care beneficiaries for many years, there is a simple answer to these problems! We must stop the dishonest elements in the system. This is a major dilemma.

Today senior citizens and patients wish to remain at home. There are the family caregivers. The system does not realize the role of the family caregiver. They do not want Mom or Dad to be institutionalized. When the patient is at home, the family remains close and good care is provided. How valuable is this? Remember, family caregivers are not reimbursed!
Home tele-health is an option for some. Using this, the patient can report vital signs as often as necessary to their physician or nursing service. With this the cost of a patient remaining at home compared a nursing home or other facility is tremendous.

When you read any articles of interest, please forward them to me and I can share them with all ( This year at Medtrade in Atlanta (10/24-10/27), many answers to this challenge and many others will be addressed. So, please plan now to be there. It is an opportunity you cannot miss.

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