Monday, August 29, 2011

New Opportunities

Often, it makes sense to take a look back to some of the successful programs you or your colleagues have offered in the past. A review may show you that many problems do not change and they present an opportunity to address them again.

In the past, I have written about obesity in the United States. In MedPage Today published on August 5, senior editor John Gever published a few interesting comments. He indicated that if the current “obesity epidemic” continues by year 2030 half the adult population would be obese.

I know of an entrepreneur, who has both a pharmacy and DME, who put together a group of nurses, physicians, dieticians and several of his preferred vendors. He planned a “Lose a Few Pounds” day in his showroom and asked them to participate. It was arranged so that everyone who entered was given a card to record what he or she discovered. Each entrant was weighed and the weight recorded. There was a nurse taking BP and another doing blood glucose testing. Those who attended were thrilled see have a chance to have these vitals tested.

This opened the door to many new sales, including bathroom scales and BP monitors. Everyone had a chance to speak to the manufacturer reps, receive samples and literature, and an occasional discount certificate. All the appropriate products were displayed with large price signs.

The provider sent press releases to the local newspapers, radio and TV stations. An announcement was mailed to every physician, local school and church. It was a lot of work but the end results were such that it was repeated annually. All I am suggesting is that you think outside the box. What did you do previously? What do you see being done in other industries? And most important: What can you do now?

You can find the “partners” you need by attending Medtrade. Be sure when you make the rounds on the showroom floor you seek new OPPORTUNITIES. They are there!

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