Monday, June 3, 2013

Does Crime Pay?

"Whistle Blower Earns Almost a Quarter Million Dollars"

I know that crime does not pay;  however, when you report a criminal act, there are rewards.

ADMEA (Alabama Durable Medical Equipment Association) sent this as a message to their members. When I received it, I called Michael Hamilton, ADMEa's Executive Director, to ask if I might share this with our readers.

I will just give you a brief summary. The office of the Inspector General reached a settlement with the company in Illinois and South Carolina that was billing and being reimbursed for TENS units, and other similar products.

I do not know how many dollars they billed or for how long this was going on, but when the whistle blower reported it, this was discovered on the invoices submitted for reimbursement:
  a.) they lacked physician orders
  b.) they lacked the required supporting documentation
  c.) and/or they lacked medical necessity
This whistle blower was rewarded!

I am very aware that the vast majority of DME dealers follow the letter of the law. I have a great deal of pride in our industry. We provide service and care, and a great deal of it is pro-bono! It is the very few “quick buck” operators who are destroying our reputation.

I agree that crime does not pay, but certainly reporting crime does pay. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you do. Speak up; never be hesitant when you discover any dishonesty. Blow the whistle!

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