Thursday, June 6, 2013

"I am the HME Industry"

This phrase should be on the lips of every DME/HME dealer or provider. If you do not think that you “Are the HME Industry,” how would you be able to run your company successfully?

We recall Kristi Warner from Ohio and her words (see our May 28 blog). Now Laurie Bachorek from MetroCare Home Medical Equipment in Grand Prairie, Texas, echoes her comments.
MetroCare Home Medical Equipment Team
Laurie pointed out something that happened in round one that not too many providers are aware of: In 2011, MetroCare’s patient census was about 350. In 2012, the first full year of the round one contract, that number jumped to 3,500 Medicare patients – with no up-tick in revenue.”

Every DME/HME provider should study her words: “We are using 75% of our human resources to realize 30% of our revenue.” Can you live with this? Thank you, Laurie Bachorek and Kristi Warner.

Here is something you all should do. Every village, town, city or county has a local newspaper. Just about every word published in these local papers is read by someone. I am suggesting that everyone sit down and write a “Letter to the Editor.” THEY WILL BE PUBLISHED! These types of letters get attention!

If you need any help in preparing your message, please contact your State DME association or AAHomecare.  They will be delighted to provide you with facts and figures. When your clientele sees your “Letter”, they will respond.  They are the soldiers you require in the battle against the Competitive Bid legislation, and will help get MPP passed. DO IT NOW! ! ! !

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