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I once eavesdropped on a conversation at the next table to ours when we stopped for a cup of coffee and heard two women discussing their experience at local DME dealers. It was very embarrassing listening to someone else’s conversation, but I learned something I want to forward to you.

What does a potential customer see when they walk into your showroom? The first impression is the one that lasts the longest, and if it is a negative one, you may not have a new customer. I slowly drank my cup of coffee and it took a great deal of patience not to make any comments to them.

What they discussed: Apparently, one shopped at a large chain DME and the second at an independent local dealer. The first said it was so nice going into a brightly lit store where every thing was nicely displayed with clearly marked pricing and signs inviting browsing. 

The other said that when she went to her dealer’s show room, she was always greeted by name and asked how she felt and how things were at home. She had the feeling that she was a “friend” not just an account, and she felt very comfortable.

The little I overheard made me realize that whether you have a large or a small location does not make a difference. As long as your customer is satisfied. Why anyone would shop at your DME location is based on their first impression! When they enter any showroom there has to be lights. The showroom must be bright and cheerful. There should be signs directing customers to locate what they seek and most importantly there has to be someone to offer service.

At Medtrade in Orlando, there will be several professionals offering classes on marketing. Be sure to attend these and bring as many members of your staff as possible.

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