Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It appears that a great many of us are looking at LinkedIn and other similar programs as a source for information. They are! I look into these daily as well. I make sure I read nearly every question and thought sent by DME/HME providers. However, I only respond to a very few.

It is much easier for me (and for you) to use the tools that are readily available. When Homecare Magazine and HMENews arrive, I read just about every word they publish. To me it is like attending two different classes in school. I save them and constantly find myself looking back at them to find the answers I seek (prepared by recognized experts).

One publication (HMENews), reports current events with details about things you must really be aware of. The other (HomeCare Magazine) is like a textbook prepared for a university, chock full of articles that are guides to use in your location! Each provides you with much information and many good ideas.

Our industry is fighting many battles and in order to be victorious we must all work together. I receive the e-mail bulletins from many state DME associations. They are superlative and provide a great deal of advice. I know how much they mean to their members. They have made our industry move forward, for which we must all be grateful. Yes, ours is a fortunate industry!

In a previous blog, Your New Salesperson, Part 1, we spoke about other readily available resources. They all are there for you. Participating in these will help you reap many benefits! Also, don't forget to make plans for this fall's Medtrade in Orlando. 

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