Monday, June 10, 2013

Your New Salesperson, Part 1

Now that our economy is starting to upturn, I would suggest that this is when an additional salesperson should be hired. A good sales force will attract more people and develop additional referrals to your company!

I am aware many of our readers probably already have someone out extolling the virtues of their company. The addition of another outside employee will open new doors! In a very short period, the new hire will replicate what the first has already accomplished. Together, the sky is the limit.

Locating the correct person is never a problem. Go to your local community college to inquire about interviewing interested graduates and students.  Explain that your DME company has an opportunity for an entry-level job, which has the potential to develop into a good career. They will send a few interested students in your direction for an interview.

Let each applicant know about your company. You are seeking an outside salesperson to carry your message. They will bring it to the attention of physicians, nurses, hospitals and other facilities. Be sure they understand that as the company sales grow and profits increase, so will their salaries.

When I ran a branch for a major company, two of my salespeople, via salary and commissions, were earning more than I. That was why our branch was successful. 

In my next blog I will write about training this new hire.

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