Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yes, LinkedIn is one of the best ways for DME/HME dealers and providers to communicate with one another. I have signed on with a few different groups just to see what they do. I found a great deal of talent that is very active, and dealers working with one another. This is a very positive accomplishment. At my advanced age, I can only look and very occasionally add a few words. LinkedIn is not for me; it is for each of you! 

It is so imperative that we, as an industry, serving the ill and needy with supplies, must actively join forces. The weekly reports sent by Medtrade, HomeCare Magazine, HMENews, AAHomecare and many state associations should each be carefully studied.

The willingness of the participants who share with others on LinkedIn what they have accomplished is amazing. Rather than keep a successful program or idea a secret, they are passed on to others. This unselfish approach is typical of the average DME/HME dealer. 

The time is NOW for all of us to join hands and communicate with every member of the House of Representatives to get the proposed MPP bill (HR1717) out and voted into law. Tempus fugit and if we delay any longer the opportunity to get the crushing Competitive Bid legislation replaced will fade away.

We can do it! I monitor Florida District 15, where I live and I see how the DME/HME dealers and providers work as a team. They have had fabulous success. Our representative Bill Posey has proven to be a true friend. He has become fully aware of how detrimental the current Competitive Bid is to his constituents. He worries about all the citizens, and is doing something to try and make a change.

There are more than 500 districts in the United States, and each of them has a Representative and many DME/HME providers. I ask that they all get together on the bandwagon before it is too late!

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