Saturday, June 8, 2013

Plan for Tomorrow

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that I am now able to say, “The country is returning to normal.” What is normal?  Perhaps since "normal" does not exist, I should say that we all feel a bit more comfortable for the future of DME/HME.

I see the stock market has reached new heights, homes are beginning to sell again, and new homes are being built. These are positive signs!  There is only a small amount of inflation (and I am watching this), and most important jobs once again are being filled.

I anticipate the banks will soon be loosening up loans to small business, and so it is time to take a good review of where your company stands. Do you want to stay at your current level, or are you looking for a new period of growth?

In the financial magazines and business journals, it appears that everyone is contemplating and preparing for a brighter future. Every DME/HME proprietor must do the same. Now I am being redundant and repetitious, but if you get prepared for the future STAT, this will help aid in your success.      

Review where your profits come from and based on this information see how you can expand these disciplines. Examine what each employee contributes to your company. Determine how all efforts can be improved. If sales have slowed down, consider hiring a new outside sales person. I know many dealers have gone to the local community college to offer an entry-level job. Many of these candidates proved to be winners.

It is not too early to make your plans for Medtrade Fall in Orlando. Registration is open. TODAY is when to plan for tomorrow.

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