Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your New Salesperson, Part 2

This post is a continuation of the previous blog, Your New Salesperson, Part 1.

In order for your new employee to be successful, they must know everything possible about the company.  Knowledge is power! This is imperative and must include meeting and working with each current member of your staff. What has always made me proud is when someone new joins the team, and every one on staff wants to share their role with them.

As the principal of the company, you must be fully aware of the job descriptions for each employee. However, there are also many small skills they have of which you may not be aware. When they are given the green light to help train the new associate they become a superb and effective teacher.

Be sure you meet with both the staff member and the new employee regularly to review progress and determine how quickly they are qualifying!  Another important step is for you to personally bring your new hire to meet several of the company’s major accounts. This reflects well on the company!

If you have any sales people currently on the road, arrange for the new hire to ride shotgun with them (listen and learn). This is a vital step in training. This increases the ability for them to meld into their role and demonstrate how to make a call (education). I have not spoken about reimbursement. Work with your accountant to develop an equitable salary, etc.

The balance lies on your shoulders. You must prepare and assign a territory delegating whom to see and where to go. The next major problem is providing literature, price sheets, and sales material. I recommend that you ask the various manufacturer reps to meet the new member and travel with them. After that, watch the sales and profits grow!

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