Friday, August 23, 2013

A Universal Voice

As an industry, DME/HME has been recognized as a very professional industry. Dealers and providers, despite every problem and difficulty thrown their way, continue to give extremely good service, often pro bono, and take the needs of their clientele very seriously.

AAHomecare, the state DME associations, the buying groups, the publications, and the myriad of speakers and professionals all speak about “What to do.” They see the disaster facing our industry and are frightened of what will happen if we do not get HR1717 passed. Many visualize the number of companies who will be affected dramatically and how many may close their doors. All of this is so detrimental and we see how they are all doing their best on behalf of the industry.

I look at this very differently. If we had a single, forceful, common voice, it would be heard. The government estimates there are more than 15,000 DME/HME dealers in the country. But, if you total the number of dealers who are actual dues paying members of their state association and AAHomecare, you will understand my anxiety.

We have no choice, we must make every effort to get as close to 100% of the dealers on board, and we will then have a UNIVERSAL VOICE that will be heard.

To successfully get through the next year, it will require every dealer to get involved. If you are currently a member of both AAHomecare and your state association, you have made a giant step, and will survive. If you only belong to one, please make it both.

Now I ask the vast number of uncommitted dealers: Will you be able to survive alone, by yourself, and for how much longer? Let us keep our industry flourishing and keep the number of dealers from decreasing. The cost is so little, and the benefits of membership are so vital. WE WILL CREATE A UNIVERSAL VOICE!

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