Friday, August 9, 2013

Create New Sales

One of the highest pleasures I receive comes when a DME/HME provider sends me an e-mail ( with a comment. I am happy to say that most of them are complimentary.

However, when I get one with negative criticism, I study it very carefully to understand why it was sent. Invariably, I find myself in agreement with the comment and answer them with a “Thank you.”

What does this do to “create” new sales? Responding correctly is everything!

For example: Say “Thank you” to your referral source when you receive a new client. This little greeting will build much good will when the source realizes how important this is for both you and the patient.  It shows your appreciation as well as that of the patient who now will become a client.

Make yourself (which means your company) available to speak at schools, churches, local socials and business clubs about “First Aid,” or other such topics. It is interesting because when I did this, my weeks were filled with at least one or two invitations. My talks were brief, about 20 minutes followed by Q&A. The only "commercial" was that most of the audience went home with my business card!

Contact all of the public schools and offer your services to talk about accident prevention, first aid, or even just crossing the street. Usually the school nurse informed me what she would like me to speak about and mostly it was what I had already prepared.

You will always be creating new sales by being visible and active in the community.   

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