Friday, August 16, 2013


The announcement has been made that Tom Ryan will be the new President and CEO of the American Association for Homecare. It is with great joy and anticipation that this news is received; I know our entire industry joins me in giving Tom our best wishes.

Tom Ryan, new President and CEO of AAHomecare

Tom is replacing Tyler Wilson, who has held that post since 2006.

Tyler did a wonderful job for both AAHomecare and the industry. We all express our sincere gratitude for everything Tyler has achieved!

We tremble as we look ahead and see storm clouds gathering over our industry's head. I know I speak for all of us when I say, “Tom, we are with you! Count upon us for support as you guide us through the adversity we face."

I recall when Tom, with a great deal of confidence, launched Homecare Concepts close to 30 years ago in Farmingdale, NY.  With both the talents and drive he has, we will see many solutions in his new role.

There is one problem Tom faces which we can resolve rather promptly. AAHomecare needs to get many more “dues paying active members” so that it can continue in the battle against the competitive bid legislation currently in force, and replace it with the Market Pricing Program (HR1717).

I spoke with him about this and he put things so succinctly:

The future of our industry will be shaped by the strength of our voice and the only way for our voice to resonate is to increase our memberships today!

All I can add to his comment is for the many DME/HME dealers and providers who have enjoyed the benefits of the accomplishments of AAHomecare for years, it is critical for you to please join now.

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