Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Things Accomplished

DME/HME dealers must all roll up their sleeves now and get into the battle to save their companies! I have been speaking about this for a long time. HMENews and HomeCare Magazine have been writing about what everyone can do to pass HR1717 and eliminate the “Competitive" Bid.  At the October Medtrade in Orlando, you will be apprised of what else you can do!

I have been corresponding with dealers in many parts of the country and the reports I receive all auger well. I am going to share this one, from a DME/HME dealer who delivered a strong message.

As seen in the MedtradeMonday story "I Am the HME Industry - Colleen E. Hunter", this came from  Ms. Colleen Hunter, CPA, President,  Browning's Pharmacy & Health Care, Inc., in Melbourne, FL:

“Our company was invited to our local Chamber last Friday for a roundtable discussion with Governor Scott.  We were invited as we have been a member of the Chamber for many years as this is our 51st year in business.

I was eager to go to be able to get the opportunity to let the governor know some issues facing Florida due to the negative impacts of competitive bidding.  He greeted each of us individually and was very personable.

I spoke on seeing the future of Medicare Part A hospital rates increasing due to longer stays in the hospital due to the lack of access to equipment for discharge.  Patients are paying for equipment they need out of pocket that would normally be covered under their insurance.

The thing he said that left me in amazement was that if we do not represent ourselves in Tallahassee and fight for our industry we can bet that someone else is there and what they want will negatively impact us.  I have never enjoyed being political, but that was how my father built our business, by being involved.  It may be uncomfortable, expensive and just not right but we all need to join together for a common goal.”

Colleen, “Thank you” for taking the time to send us your report. I will publish any reports that I receive which are of interest and will give ideas for other dealers to take action. Please send them to me <shelly.prial@att.net.>.

If you are among the DME/HME dealers that has not yet registered for Medtrade, please use the code MTShelly to get a Free Expo Pass.

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