Monday, August 5, 2013

Congressmen Are Home

Yes, our Congress has worked so hard battling with one another that they all seem to have forgotten the electorate who put them in office. Most elections have been so close that each and every elected official must start remembering ALL of the electorate, not just the people who voted for them.

The “Affordable Care Act,” also known as “ObamaCare," is a giant step forward, but it is NOT perfect. However, the Senators and Congressmen we have sent to Washington must hear what the electorate has to say. American citizens are in favor of legislation that will provide health care at affordable costs and will include as many people as possible.

The electorate demands that the republican and democratic legislators set aside any “politics” and together bring about the changes to make this work. There will never be a perfect program, but they can make the Affordable Care Act work.

The congressman are home now, so you can and must go see them. It is their annual summer holiday. Here in Florida, where I live, a meeting  has been scheduled with our congressman, Bill Posey. A number of local DME/HME dealers and others will attend this special meeting this week at a local university. We all are bringing our suggestions, ideas and questions.

With the help of AAHomecare I have prepared a presentation, which features a list of patient complaints recorded through July 29. I have segregated those from Florida and I know Congressman Posey will be impressed. Also included is a message to support HR1717 with a list of the other supporters. Copies included are letters from the United Spinal Association, “Myths,” and a letter sent to Rep Bruce Braley.

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