Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yes, Now It Is Your Turn

A group of DME/HME providers in Florida realized that they must take matters in their own hands to protect their livelihood. They were able to work out a special meeting (which was mentioned in the blog, "Congressmen are Home") with their local congressman. I was invited to attend and left very impressed by how much can be done by every DME dealer in the country.

These dozen or so local DME dealers have their companies in Florida, District 8, and our representative is Bill Posey. The first thing Congressman Posey did was to call for a special session with his Chief of Staff, Stuart Burns. This meeting has helped strengthen the bond between the dealers and the congressman.

Florida, District 8 DME dealers and Shelly meeting with Congressman Posey's Chief of Staff, Stuart Burns.
Congress is now home from DC for their annual summer vacation. The interactions I witnessed at this important meeting left me very impressed with these local DME dealers; they once again did a terrific job. They discussed and shared problems and made very impressive arguments. Not one of the dealers came in with a chip on their shoulder and each explained how their patients have suffered. They also shared a great deal more.

AAHomecare provided a tremendous amount of critical information. This was all organized and presented in three-hole loose-leaf binder, itemized and with brief explanations. Mr. Burns expressed both his and Congressman Posey’s thanks. They promised they would continue to lead the fight to pass HR1717 and work to help all of his electorate.

You can each do this. There are more than 525 districts in the U.S. and in each have many DME/HME dealers who can do the same.

If you need the name and telephone number of the Chief of Staff of each congressman, I have that information ( BUT, you must do this now, because the balance of the summer will be over quickly and you will have missed your opportunity. There is far too much at stake now! Please get to the phone STAT. 

Call your peers to save your future!

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