Friday, August 30, 2013

The Meeting Place

Over many years, most of the important contacts I made were at the “meeting place.” This is how I describe Medtrade, as this is how the show most certainly should be described.

When I talk to many of the speakers and various association officers who share their knowledge at Medtrade. They all agree that Medtrade is the “meeting place.”

Since I have had the good fortune of participating in every Medtrade since its inception, one thing has become crystal clear. Indeed, this is where things happen! 

When you are opening your e-mail, you will find two important messages every Monday. These are announcements from Medtrade and HomeCare Magazine. You will also discover many valuable notices of information on the web reported by HMENews.

There are reports about the activities at Medtrade almost daily both in these emails and on social media. Each is important for every DME/HME provider to help them during these trying times. I just cannot imagine why some dealers do not attend. There are only a few weeks until October 8-10. Please be sure you are there, because . . . unless you are present you will miss many important opportunities. These will provide you and your company with vital information for survival .

Too much is hanging over every DME/HME provider's head. But when you learn what you can do from the speakers and meet the people who make decisions, then you will know how to cope. With every business expense, there has to be an ROI. The ROI for this Medtrade in Orlando will be better than ever.

Don't forget to use the promotional code MTShelly when registering to get your free expo pass!

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