Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Modest Telemarketing

I receive more than 150 e-mails a day. As all of you do, I only open those that I think are appropriate. Many of those can be best described as a form of modest telemarketing.
For the average DME/HME provider, this is a means of communication, and one which is effective because it is gentle. Very quietly you are doing a few things such as saying thank you for a purchase, sending information or a message to a family caregiver. Yes, you are in charge.
When any customer, Medicare, Medicaid or HMO obtains a piece of equipment from your company, an opportunity is presented to you. You should send an e-mail the day after delivery was made (telemarketing) asking if they were satisfied. Ask if there are any problems they wish to discuss, and leave your personal number if they should need additional service.
If they ask you about new or other items, the opening is there. Keep track of the date of the call. Periodically send them a mailing with a specific product that is suitable or works well with what they bought.
Depending on what item they obtained, I would suggest a second telemarketing memo. If the product is for short period use, perhaps send the message in two weeks, if the product is more for long term use, send your message after a month. Once again, introduce yourself and make this a very friendly inquiry into how they are faring and if the equipment is doing everything they anticipated.
Please be sure you do no soliciting during these first e-mails. They are to establish communication and build your reputation. When the caretaker patient needs something else, they will remember the caring dealer who inquired about how they were doing. Occasionally, when you do send a “solicitation” it will be looked at differently.
Well, this is not telemarketing in the traditional format, but it sure can be effective. I know that when you establish this type of relationship, your customers will remember you and contact your company first. 

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