Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Congressional Malfunction

When I first started to write these blogs, I decided to stay within the boundary of DME. After all, there are newspapers, radio and TV stations that deliver messages, and my messages are supposed to enable readers to expand sales and profits. We also have to work with the officials we elect, don’t we? The politicians have to work for all of their electorate, not just those who voted for them!

But when our Congress malfunctions, I have to rouse my readers to become more aggressive. There are two things that keep the politicians in office: votes and money. We may not be able to control the volume of money that flows in their direction, but we have the ability to direct votes, which can either keep or replace Senators or Congressmen.

For the last few years, our industry has been trying to bring about changes in the “competitive bid” programs and how reimbursements for services are paid. This must be accomplished. If there were standards, we might not be in such dire straits. But the system is so open that every dishonest person can get in and out without any penalty.

I look at the fraud and abuse that is draining our dollars and ask why this happens. I have spoken many times in DC to various committees and always received the same answer. “Yes, Mr. Prial, we are aware of what you have told us. But the cost and time necessary to prepare those changes are not available." Why?

We can send billions of dollars to countries that hate us, but love our dollars, and they go blissfully along their path and laugh. The economy is in trouble, and some of the money that we give away would do a great deal more good by fixing highways and bridges so more jobs would become available; but we have a Congress that malfunctions. Democrats and republicans will not sit down together to see how they can bring about the necessary changes.

What can you do as a DME/HME provider right now? We must get HR 1717 out of committee. AAHomecare and the state associations are working overtime on every dealer’s behalf. But, every dealer is not a dues paying member. I will say no more. I will just remind you to send AAHomecare your check and join!!

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