Tuesday, November 11, 2014

For DME/HME, The Future is Now

There no longer is a tomorrow for our industry. There is only today - right now! CMS is moving forward with their “reductions” and other means of saving money for the services and supplies that DME/HME dealers provide. We have to stop them from this discounting before it is too late!

We must respond the instant anything happens, or it may become too late to get results. DME/HME dealers and providers must act fast and in full cooperation with AAH and their state DME association to protect their customers and their livelihood!

CMS receives invoices for services rendered daily. Some of these are false! Will we ever be able to stop fraud and abuse? Yes, by licensure, and that is another difficulty to resolve.

Our industry has been shouting about the inequity in the reimbursements dealers receive for the supplies and services they provide to their clients. There is very little left behind after CMS makes their cut. There is a big difference between complaining and reacting. So NOW we must do more!

Congressmen do not listen to our complaints, but they will listen to the voice of their community; the citizens who vote to keep them in congress. So all of these folks should be our allies and must be asked to work with us to get results.

The best way to accomplish this is for you, your spouse, and key employees join as many local groups, including church, school, civic, chamber of commerce, and Rotary organizations, as possible. There are so many of these groups, and each will be sources of information for you and will help carry your message for you.

Become joiners, become members, of local organizations. GET ON BOARD!

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