Friday, November 21, 2014


As I began writing these blogs some five years ago, the one topic I seldom brought up was the capital of our country, Washington, D.C. You do not need any comments from me, when everything your company and business has to know about DC comes from your state DME association and AAHomecare. How fortunate we are to have these organizations working as hard as they can on behalf of their members, and also on behalf of the many non-dues paying DME/HME dealers as well. I want to see this changed. Every provider must become a dues-paying member and support these organizations, simply because they keep you in business.

Since the actual existence of our industry is so dependent on Medicare and other programs for a source of cash flow, dealers should make every effort to maintain their state and federal connections. They are all very important!

At this year’s Medtrade Exhibition in Atlanta I was delighted to see dealers carefully reviewing all the OTC cash sale opportunities that are available. These are the exhibitors you must recognize and utilize for growth and increased profits. The object of all DME/HME providers is to choose those products that fit into your current operation and find one or two others which can be developed successfully.

I stopped at one booth where the young lady was showing skin care products imported from Belgium. I was there as an old friend was hearing the pitch. I stood next to him and listened. He made a purchase for a small display. Since he set up the display in his showroom, he has already placed a re-order. OTC cash sales, all small, but with turnover, all become large.

Carefully study the Show Directory you brought home from Medtrade. I am sure everyone will find several new products that would be appropriate for their company. Contact each to send you literature and then working with your staff, choose several.

Our industry is so broad and there are many, many new opportunities waiting for you. When you see and hear what they offer, choose those that fit. New products to help expand your market are necessary today!

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